Lasten: Aruban students can now get degree in tourism in Vietnam

Posted on 11/13/2017 3:11 pm AST | Updated on 11/13/2017 3:13 pm AST

ORANJESTAD - The newly launched Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality Management at RMIT University Vietnam provides a unique opportunity for Aruban students who are considering a career in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Associate Professor Earney Lasten, Discipline Lead for the Tourism & Hospitality Management program, said the program will enable students to become part of a generation of leaders who can work effectively in both international and local organisations.

“Studying the Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality Management at RMIT Vietnam is an ideal pathway if you have a passion for meeting new people and experiencing new challenges every day,” Associate Professor Lasten said.

“You will learn to ‘think on your feet’, while creating magical experiences for your clients.”

As an Aruban who has worked closely with the Aruban government on various projects as well as on funding for Aruba National Park, Associate Professor Lasten has a message to Aruban students: “The Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality Management degree at RMIT Vietnam opens doors to exciting careers in the world’s leading service industries: hotels, airlines, dream tourist destinations, hospitality, and many more.”

“It stands out from other degrees as our students benefit from a 12-week industry internship in their final semester. This further develops their practical skills, aids understanding of market requirements, and helps fast-track a successful career path.

“Students also develop soft-skills and specific career-focused attributes vital for success in this exciting industry.”

RMIT Vietnam is the major Asian centre of operations for Melbourne-based RMIT University – Australia's biggest tertiary institution of technology, design and enterprise. With international-standard campuses situated in the bustling cities of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, RMIT Vietnam offers an exceptional experience for incoming international, study abroad, and exchange students. Students are close to other destinations for extra international experience (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, The Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, and much more).

The University offers programs in business, technology, communication, design, and fashion, and boasts an impressive range of extra-curricular activities that encourage students to break new ground in their areas of interest. Its tertiary programs are internationally recognised, and provide a global and sustainable focus. RMIT Vietnam students benefit from strong industry links and a range of highly-qualified academic staff from around the world.



Vietnam is a young, vibrant country situated in one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Known for picturesque landscapes – from terraced fields in the Red River Delta to majestic mountains in the central highlands to sandy white beaches along its coast – Vietnam attracts millions of visitors every year. Latest statistics show that around 10.5 million people visited Vietnam from January – October 2017. Living and studying in this environment offers students a distinct opportunity to thrive in the tourism and hospitality industry.

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  • Real time money transfer between local banks still ways to go

    Real time money transfer between local banks still ways to go

    ORANJESTAD - Real time money transfer between two different local Aruba banks, will still have to wait. According to  past Economic Minister Richard Arends, this process may take up to 3 years before the 'new real time system' is operational. In his last interview as minister recently to NoticiaCla LIVE, Arends confidently said that things have been set in motion, but that it will still take some time. Central Bank regulation needs to be adapted, and more importantly, banks need to be ready and able to go for the change. "Banks are receptive to the idea" Arends assured this website. Once in place, locals and any other person can wire transfer money in real time, meaning that monies will actually transfer instantaneously from one account to another. Today, this process could take up to 2 to 3 days, and its cost vary between banks. Arends said that even the service charged, should be uniform and regulated and not left up the banks.   

  • DIMAS dues now payable at DIMAS instead of Tax office

    DIMAS dues now payable at DIMAS instead of Tax office

    ORANJESTAD – Clients need not pay their Dimas 'dues' at the tax office or government proxy offices any longer. As of Monday, November 20th, the tax office has its own cashier at the DIMAS office providing that service for all clients needing to pay their respective dues. Directors of both DIMAS and the Tax Office, Kathy Ruiz Paskel and Luenne Gomez Pieters respectively explained the concept behind this project during a mutual press conference at the Dimas office. According to Ruiz, it's a project long in the making, which is now ready to be 'rolled out'. 

  • Last minister and last Parliament member sworn in by Governor

    Last minister and last Parliament member sworn in by Governor

    ORANJESTAD - Aruba's Plenipotentiary Minister for The Netherlands Guilfred Besaril and Parliament member Sueann Ras where the last of the new cabinet and Parliament to be sworn in by His Excellency the Governor of Aruba Alfonso Boekhoudt. The swearing in ceremony , as was the case with the others, took place in the ceremonial governors 'residence'. Thus both the Wever Croes Cabinet and the Parliament are now complete and can 'get to work'. In fact, Besaril leave for the Netherlands this week, where he plans to attend Friday's Council of Kingdom Ministers. Ras meanwhile right after being sworn in, attended her first official public Parliament meeting. So it was 'hands on' right away for both. Besaril plans to focus on issues pertaining to Aruba students in the Netherlands, while in Aruba, Parliament member Ras plans to focus as much as possible on education and social areas, her expertise. Ras was a popular teacher, while Besaril was a parliament member for the past 4 years. 

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